St. Cecilia’s Kindergarten opened its doors in Attard in 1994. Children between the ages of 15 months and 5 years are accepted at the Kindergarten. Every effort is made to foster the confidence and self-expression of the children whilst endeavouring to provide them with an enthusiastic and joyful attitude to obtaining a well-rounded start to their education.


Registrations for Summer School starting in early July and for October 2019 are now being accepted for Child-Care, Kinder 1 and Kinder 2. Children born in 2016, 2017 and 2018 can apply. Please call on 79435120 or 21435120 for further information.


Little children from the age of one to 3 years will be loved and cared for in order to bridge the gap between home and school. The youngsters follow a flexible time-table and spend a varied day enjoying activities including music lessons with singing actions and musical instruments, painting and other basic crafts. They spend time in the school's large paved garden and have access to tricycles and other mobiles. They also enjoy spells of simple story-telling and handling of books for children. All the kids take part in a school concert at Christmas and at the end of the school year. Enjoyable outings are organised for pupils and parents during the year. Children will be looked after carefully at all times. The younger ones will be changed regularly according to their needs to ensure their comfort and enjoyment whilst at school.


The children between the ages of 3 to 5 years follow a daily time-table of various activities including plenty of arts, crafts and music lessons which include educational songs with actions and simple plays. Story telling is nurtured from this early age. Basic writing and numerical skills are gently introduced to form part of the daily curriculum. These sessions are kept short to maintain the interest and enthusiasm of the children. In the final year at school the young students are introduced to reading. The children encouraged to enjoy their creative lessons as much as possible and are very much involved when practicing regularly for the annual Christmas and Summer term concerts. The school music teacher and the kindergarten assistants train the children regularly in order to ascertain that the children put up a lovely show for their parents and relatives. This is certainly one of the highlights of the school year. Enjoyable outings are also organised for the children and their parents during the school year.


This is situated on the perimeter of Attard and Balzan and may be found just behind the Corinthia Hotel. The address is Aquarius, P. P. Rubens Street, Attard. Tel No. 21435120. In order to make an appointment to view the school and meet the Principal and Staff kindly phone the school on this number between 9.00 a.m. and noon.


The school enjoys spacious out-door play areas and both schools have a large Common Room. The students use of this stage facility during the school concerts. The ambience of the two schools is bright and colourful in order to convey a happy and upbeat atmosphere for the children. The nursery classes are lined with cheerfully designed lino in order to ensure the safety of the children.Our music/common room is equipped with a piano and percussive instruments and the outdoor play areas are supplied with an adequate number of mobile toys such as tricycles and cars in order to entertain the children during their periods of exercise.


St Cecilia's principal objective is to ensure that all children reach their full potential for their age. Our aim is for the children to be able to speak clearly and feel secure in their ability to express themselves easily. Through all the arts, crafts and music lessons on the time-table we help the children to develop an imagination that will stay with them throughout their lives. We also work towards developing a love for books and a good command of the English language. Through the medium of stage performances, the children's self-confidence is enhanced and they are being gently introduced to feel comfortable with public appearances.


We have designed a multicoloured uniform for our young students in order to promote a sense of joy and cheerfulness to be associated with their schooling. A bright school jogging-suit and cardigan are worn by the children in winter. In summer similarly bright T-shirt and shorts are recommended. These may be mixed and matched depending on the weather.

Summer School

Summer School is organised for children between the ages of 12 months and 5 years and there will be a break for the week of Santa Maria. Children may attend for four days a week (recommended particularly for newcomers) or alternatively for three days a week.

All the children will be involved in various projects and themes during their arts and crafts sessions. There will also be music sessions with lots of instruments and enjoyable outings will be organised. More information will be given as we work and develop our School plans for the Summer School.

Summer School is organised every year to introduce all new-comers to school before the Scholastic year begins in October. The school hours will run from 8.45 am. to 12.15.pm on Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday and Friday, and supervision will be available on Mondays if this should be requested. Extra hours from 8.00 a.m. till 8.45 a.m. and from 12.15pm till 1.00 pm will also be organised subject to demand.

Our Summer School programme invites children who attend our Nursery – Kindergarten to attend but also opens its doors to children who wish to gain the experience at St Cecilia’s just for Summer School. This eases the children’s introduction to school in a less formal environment. Your child will be more settled and confident when starting school in October thanks to the familiarisation with the staff, routine and the surroundings. A school concert will also be organised towards the end of Summer School.

You may email us through the Contact Link or telephone directly on 79435120 for further details.


Supervision outside school hours is available on demand both on school days and from Monday to Friday during school holidays. The children are kept busy playing, reading, singing and enjoying other activities. This supervision during extra hours can be tailored to suit the schedule of parents.

About Us

St. Cecilia’s Kindergarten opened its doors in Attard in 1994. It is located in a central area of Malta, just off Valletta Road and is situated very close to the Corinthia Palace Hotel. The school is housed in a large detached villa with its own large forecourt and garden which lies in a quiet side road just branching off the main artery of Valletta Road. The school is made up of spacious and airy rooms all situated at ground floor level and surrounded by the garden where the children enjoy their play-time. The curriculum at the Nursery/Kindergarten is based on Arts, Crafts and Music and with a particular emphasis placed on the Creative Arts. Mrs Josanne Vella Bardon (nee Tagliaferro) has been the Principal at St. Cecilia’s Kindergarten from its inception. At the age of sixteen she was awarded a three year Scholarship to pursue her Musical Studies in London. Josanne played and taught music extensively for several years at a number of local and foreign educational institutions before deciding to start a kindergarten which would engender the social and artistic skills of her young students through her favourite medium – Music! The Staff at St. Cecilia’s KG all share her enthusiasm in giving the young students a healthy and happy school environment which naturally elicits positive attitudes on the part of these young toddlers vis-à-vis their further education.

School Details

The address of St Cecilia’s KG in ATTARD is Aquarius P P Rubens Street Attard.

Tel No. 21435120.

Mrs. Vella Bardon, the school principal may be contacted during office hours on 79435120.


  1. From what age and until what age does the Nursery/KG accept children?
    Children from the age of one year (approx when they begin to walk) until the age of 5 Years can attend St. Cecilia’s KG. Children do not need to be potty-trained and nappies will be changed in School.
  2. When can parents apply to register their child?
    Parents may register their children preferably about six to nine months in advance. If some places are still available after that then of course children will continue to be accepted.
  3. What are the school times?
    The normal school hours are from 8.45am until 1.00 pm.However extended school hours are available in the school in Attard from 7.30am until 3pm.. This may vary in order to accommodate the parents’ requirements.
  4. When does one register a child?
    It is recommended that applications for registration are made about a year in advance
  5. How can one contact the school?
    Parents may arrange an appointment to meet the Principal and view the school at any time of the year by phoning on 21435120 in Attard. Your child will be welcomed by the children in school and may join in some activity during the visit.


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